Bellows for Hiwin Linear Rail

Bellows for Hiwin Linear Rail

Protect Your Investment

Extend the life of your Hiwin linear rail and bearings with our custom protective bellows. We build them to your exact specifications, and they're very easy to install!

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Will these bellows work with any other linear guideway brands?

No, they only work with Hiwin.

What type of protection do these bellows provide?

This design covers three sides of the rail. These bellows are great for blocking out dust, dirt, grit and other particles. They will also ward off some liquid spray; however, since they don't totally encapsulate the rail, they're not recommended for water jet or other direct spray applications.

While the construction materials are quite durable and resistant to heat, very hot debris produced by welding or plasma torch can cause the bellows to fail prematurely. Alternate high-temperature construction is available.

How are the bellows installed?

Installation is very easy. The bearing end of the bellows has a molded adapter that fastens via bolts that are positioned to match the Hiwin factory locations for bearing end cap fasteners. Simply remove the factory bolts, then attach the bellows to the same holes using slightly longer bolts (supplied with the bellows kits). For the end that attaches to the rail, a few holes must be drilled and tapped into the end of the rail. While rail is hardened in its outer surface "wear" areas, it is not hardened where the rail has been cut, which is where you must drill and tap. Bolts secure the bellows in the drilled/tapped holes.

How do I determine how to size and price these for my application?

We'll help you with all of that! Just reach out to us, and we can walk you through the information we'll need from you.

How many bellows are needed to cover a rail?

Most applications only need two.

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