Dyadic Mechatronics SCN5
Low-Cost Programmable Actuator

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A low cost Programmable Electric Actuator line is finally available!

IMPORTANT: Because of factory support and warranty concerns, we are ONLY authorized to sell these actuators within the 50 United States of America.

Automation 4 Less is proud to present this programmable electric cylinder system at an unheard of low cost (cables sold separately). The SCN5 programmable electric actuator system is unique in that the motor, encoder, drive and program memory are one integral unit mounted on the motor. Dyadic has developed the linear actuator drive mechanism such that the screw and nut are optimized for high accuracy, long life and low cost performance. These units are packaged in a rugged aluminum housings (encoder & electronics enclosed in fiber-filled delrin). The SCN5 is available in stroke lengths from 50 - 300mm.

Cylinder Features:

  • Unit includes closed loop servo motor, servo amplifer and control
  • Unit operated by relay contact or PLC.
  • Unit includes linear actuation mechanism
  • Independantly programmable position, speed, acceleration and deceleration
  • 16 positions per program are possible
  • Push Force Mode can be programmed with desired force
  • PC Tool and Teaching Pendant are available separately
  • Easy to use; just connect a 24 VDC Power Supply and control signal
  • Homing direction can be programmed (forward or backward)
Product Dimensions
Additional Information:
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Diadic Mechatronics Programmable Electric Cylinder Catalog (16 pages, 2.5 mb)
Diadic Mechatronics Programmable Electric Cylinder Retail Price List (8 pages, 632 k)
Diadic Mechatronics Programmable Electric Cylinder Operations Manual (49 pages, 1.67 mb)
Download programming software (Zipped archive, 3.2 mb)

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