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Automation 4 Less


Automation 4 Less allows several forms of payment as outlined below:

  • Credit/debit/purchase cards
    This is our preferred method for payment. We accept all major cards through our web store. Note that when you place an order on our web store, your card is NOT instantly charged. There is a short window of time we have where we can review your order, make changes if necessary, adjust shipping charges, etc.

  • PayPal
    PayPal is an excellent way to pay for an order because it allows for flexible funding sources and relatively quick turnaround. Typically, PayPal payments can come from a credit card or can draft directly from a bank account associated with the customer's PayPal account. We have found PayPal to be especially appropriate for "out-of-country" orders placed with Automation 4 Less. If you would like to pay for an order with PayPal, just contact us and let us know that. We can issue a PayPal invoice to the e-mail address affiliated with your account.

  • Bank Draft
    We will accept bank draft payments, but they are not our favorite form of payment for several reasons. First, they are complex and typically take several days to complete. Second, there are typically large fees associated with them. We require that bank draft payments account for us receiving the full net value of the order amount (cost of goods/services and shipping). In our experience, banks on the customer's end and our end will impose service charges of about $30 each. That means that about $60 must be added to the bottom line order amount. For this reason, it is not sensible to consider a bank draft payment for a small-dollar order.

    TIP: If you set up a PayPal account, you can access money from a bank account and send it to us. This accomplishes basically the same thing as a bank draft, but it does the job much quicker with less hassle and lower fees.

  • Checks & Money Orders
    These forms of payment are fine, but they are not very fast. To protect ourselves against fraud, we will not ship until checks clear and funds are securely in our bank account (not just a pending payment).

  • Customer Account / Terms
    We will consider setting customers up for 30-day terms. This is not an instant process, so if you need to make a purchase right away, we will require that you pay us by other means for initial orders.

    To apply for terms, we must have additional information about your company, banking/financial information and at least three credit references. We follow up on all references. If you are approved for purchasing on terms, we will change the log-in status for our web store so that you will be able to check out using the option of "Add this to my account."

    If you would like to apply for an account, CLICK HERE.
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