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Miniature Series Slides

Medium Duty Slides

Heavy Duty Slides

WE (wide/low-profile) Slides

Automation4Less offers an extensive line of linear slides (bearings and rails) from Hiwin Technologies Corp., a recognized world leader in linear motion and control.  These products provide precision with matchless fit and finish at prices that are hard to beat.  Hiwin products are commonly found in equipment in a broad range of industries including machine tools, automation equipment, industrial machines of all types, CNC milling machines, medical equipment, semi-conductor equipment, robotics and aerospace applications.  Best of all, Automation4Less has an extensive selection of square-type and flange-type slides in stock for immediate delivery.  We'll even pre-cut your rail sections (at no additional charge) so you will be ready for installation when your order arrives.

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HIWIN linear motion guideways offer the following outstanding features:
  • High accuracy 
  • Large load capacity 
  • High stiffness 
  • Superior reliability 
  • Sealed carriages
  • Smooth operation 
  • Low noise 
  • Interchangeability 
  • Easy installation 
  • Competitive price

Hiwin slides interchangeability with other manufacturers' slides click here (PDF 4pgs., 23k)

By popular demand we are adding more Hiwin products to our inventory. 
For details on other available items,
click here.

Learn more about Hiwin products by downloading these PDF files:
Linear Rail/Bearing Catalog  hiwinguideway.pdf   (94 pgs., 5.75mb)
Interchange Guide/w Common Manufacturers  hiwininterchange_A4L.pdf   (4pgs., 100k)
Linear Stage (KK Table) Catalog  linear_stages_kk.pdf   (6pgs., 1mb)
Actuator Catalog hiwinact.pdf   (6pgs., 1.22mb)
Ball Screw Catalog  hiwinballscrews.pdf   (42pgs., 1.67mb)
You can obtain CAD drawings at this address:  www.hiwin.de

We are now HIWIN "Legacy" Headquarters
We have purchased the remaining USA factory
inventory of HIWIN AG and LG blocks and rail.

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Minature Bearings/Rail
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Medium Duty Bearings/Rail
(EGH and EGW series)

Heavy Duty Bearings/Rail
(HGH and HGW series)

Wide/Low Bearings/Rail
(WEH and WEW series)

KK Linear Stages

Linear Rail/Bearing Catalog 

Interchange Guide...Hiwin Linear Bearings/Rail for Other Popular Manufacturers

Zimmer HK Manual Clamps

Zimmer MKS Pneu. Clamps


When we refer to interchangeability of linear bearing and rail products, we refer to swapping a COMPLETE assembly of Hiwin bearing/rail for another manufacturer's products. NONE of the linear brands allow for the interchange of just a single component part (bearing or rail). In other words, you cannot put Hiwin bearings on THK rail or vice versa...as an example. You also cannot substitute bearings from one product line for those in another. For instance, Hiwin makes a medium duty EGW20 bearing, but it will not work on Hiwin's heavy duty HGR20 rail.

If you need further clarification, please call us or use our GET HELP form link at the top of this column.

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