Zimmer HK series manual locking clamps
Zimmer MKS series pneumatic locking clamps

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Please note that these items are NOT intended for dynamic braking.

Zimmer HK series MANUAL locking clamps

Simple to install and use. Just a flip of the handle clamps the linear bearing to the rail, thus preventing movement. Flip the handle back, and the bearing can slide once again. Adapter plate shown is required in some applications to optimally align the clamp unit with the top of the bearing and rail.

Full technical information and pricing here.


Zimmer MKS series PNEUMATIC locking clamps

This series is an excellent choice where physical access to the linear rail/bearing is limited and a more "automated" solution is desirable. An air line is connected to the clamp unit. When air pressure is applied, the bearing can be moved. When air pressure ceases, a spring-actuated piston applies clamping action. It is also possible to assist the clamp's spring pressure pneumatically which greatly enhances the holding force.

Full technical information and pricing here.

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Zimmer HK Manual Clamps

Zimmer MKS Pneu. Clamps

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