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Documentation / Software for the CM2 series Cool Muscle

The CM2 is the latest Cool Muscle integrated servo system from Muscle Corporation.

CM2 provides a solution that combines all the features required for modern motion control; the CM2 includes an AC servo motor, 50000 count encoder, AC servo amplifier, 64Mhz RISC-based motion controller with PLC functionality, and an intelligent single/three phase100-240VAC power supply. All of this is contained within the motor itself!

Product catalog for the Cool Muscle Integrated CM2 Servo
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CM2 HARDWARE User's Guide
9.5 MB
4.73 MB

Document Title
Revision Date
Cool Works Lite v4.3.2
March 12, 2008
Cool Works Lite v4.3.2 user's guide
March 27, 2008

CoolWorks Lite V4.3.2

The Cool Works Lite application software is designed to help users set up and operate the Cool Muscle in the Microsoft Windows operating environment. Cool Works Lite is periodically updated to include new features, and is provided free of charge.

Version 4.3.2 (downloadable above) is specifically designed to be used with the Cool Muscle 2 (CM2) series of Integrated AC Servo Systems. The application does support the Cool Muscle 1 line of motors, but does not include an H Infinity control system tuning window.

Cool Works 4.1.X for the CM1 Cool Muscle can be found here.

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