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CAD drawings are among our most common requests. We are quite willing to help you acquire the CAD information you need, but we would first ask that you read through the contents of this page which provides links directly to the most up-to-date CAD information for some of our most popular products.

  Download drawings of our private label precision rolled ball screws and ball screw end supports.

Hiwin has TWO great online sources for obtaining CAD drawings for its products. Depending on the file format you need, choose from the following options:

  • This is Hiwin's German-based site, but it has several language options including English. If you need basic CAD (formats you can obtain here are DXF/DWG and STEP), then this is the place to go. There is no registration involved before downloading your files. Simply go to the link above, then drill down to the specific products for which you need CAD. Do this via the "CAD-Configurator" link near the top of the screen. Note that this link is principally for ball screws and linear guideways, but you'll also find other links to help you obtain CAD for stages and other Hiwin products.
  • This is Hiwin's USA-based site, and it provides lots more CAD format download options through Partserver. The catch is that you have to go through a registration process EACH TIME you go here, and files will be e-mailed to you in a zip archive. It is not the most intuitive system, and there is great complexity in the variety of options from which you can choose. If you need the most up-to-date and specific CAD options, this is the place to go.
  • Older Hiwin "Legacy" AG and LG series CAD. Hiwin no longer manufactures these products or provides CAD support. Automation 4 Less can supply basic DXF/DWG drawings for these items. THERE ARE NO 3D DRAWINGS AVAILBLE SPECIFICALLY FOR AG AND LG. If you truly want 3D, you can use the EG and HG equivalent products in your design since they are of equal size as an assembly. You can use the EG and HG in your plans, and then swap in the AG or LG of equal size in your final assembly. CLICK HERE to e-mail your request for AG or LG CAD. Be sure to tell us the specific part numbers for which you need CAD (ex: LGW20HAZAH bearing and LGR20R1860H rail).
  LM76 OSG and SG linear rails and slides. You can access 2D and 3D drawings for these products at this location:
  SMC has a FANTASTIC technical website here: If you need to know virtually anything about any SMC pneumatic product, you can find it here. And among the options is your ability to generate either 2D or 3D cad drawings. You do have to register to use SMC Etech, but it is easy, fast, and you will permanantly be able to log in at the site to obtain additional information.

We offer motor brackets and ball nut brackets from Sonyung for constructing ball screw assemblies.



Zimmer locking clamps and brakes are excellent products and just about the only items of their type on the market. You can obtain CAD drawings by clicking here.

You can view CAD on your screen at the link above, but actually downloading will require you complete a quick registration and then confirm your registration via email. Theree is no cost involved. Drawings are available in a number of formats.



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