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Information on 20mm screws we stock
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20mm ø with 5mm lead
20mm ø with 10mm lead
Part #
Part #
500mm overall
376~mm travel
500mm overall
367~mm travel
750mm overall
626~mm travel
750mm overall
617~mm travel
1000mm overall
876+mm travel
1000mm overall
867+mm travel
1500mm overall
1376+mm travel
1500mm overall
1367+mm travel
2000mm overall
1876+mm travel
2000mm overall
1867+mm travel

CAD Drawings

  • 2005 screws (Zip file contains five STEP files, one for each size we stock in 2005.)

  • 2010 screws (Zip file contains five STEP files, one for each size we stock in 2510.)

How do we compute travel for a ballscrew?

First, let's define what we mean by travel. We define that as how far the ball nut can move on the screw before it encounters the machining at either end or gets to where it the ball nut will run out beyond the ball screw (if the ends of the screw are just cutt off). In either case, when the ball nut gets to those points, ball bearings will fall out or jump the ball circuits, and that's not good news. You NEVER want to move the ball nut that far toward the ends.

So back to the question of travel...we take the overall length of the screw and then subtract the amount of machining (in mm) at each end and then also subtract the length of the ball nut itself. That gives an idea of the travel distance the nut can go. Or to put it another way, that's the maximum distance a load/work attached to the ball nut can move.

We always recommend a margin of safety because you don't want things figured so closely that the ball nut could crash into your machine frame or end supports. Figure on 25mm minimum added to your actual travel to ensure that this won't happen.

We offer complete technical support for our ball screws and related products including CAD drawings and models for most items. Please access the links in the right column to find out more about our full line.


Need custom screws in any size? We can usually provide exactly what you need (including machining) in about three weeks. Access our HELP form and include details about your requirement.

Other stock sizes:


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